Bangalee Motel (DA17/1359)

//Bangalee Motel (DA17/1359)

Bangalee Motel (DA17/1359)

The developer has provided these drawings – 3D Views

Council’s Heritage Advisor has advised that “the development will have an acceptable level of heritage impact”. However, as at 22 March Council has received 75 submissions objecting to the application.

The main issues being raised by residents are captured in the the content of the submission from the Berry & District Historical Society Management Committee –

  • The new plans bear not a single recognisable feature nor any distinctive characteristic that could be considered “heritage”. Frankly, the design proposal is for an incredibly ugly roadside motel, like some ’50s edifice,  that would deteriorate the aesthetics of any place in the country let alone the rare and beautiful town of Berry.
  • The proposed facade of the building has been reduced to one that will cost the least amount of money and is not in keeping with the historic character of the town. It allows for the developer to reap the greatest return on their investment with a cheap facade, whilst using the benefit of the “Heritage Township” experience to hook customers.
  • The Bangalee Motel will be the first establishment visitors (and residents) are greeted with when entering The Historic Town of Berry from the North. It seems all wrong that we are trying to promote historical interest in Berry and then put modern and cheap accommodation at the gateway to the town!
  • The site Is the gateway to this rural gem of a town, steeped in history and unique to the South Coast. The entrances to Berry, from the north and from Tannery Road, and also the exit north, are very important gateways and they should be kept in such a way as to enhance our historic town and not detract from it.
  • New developments and re-developments in the historic precinct of Berry must promote the Heritage character of the town.


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