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The Park will be a core piece of infrastructure that will play a strategic role for both the town and visitors with the imminent completion of the Berry Bypass.

Recently, the District Park Review Group (DPRG), a joint initiative of the Forum and Council chaired by James Robinson and Clr Wells, recommended to the Forum Committee that a revised Master Plan for the District Park be put forward to Council for adoption.

The Master Plan was collaboratively developed on 4 April by key stakeholders and users of the Park through a workshop process devised and run by the DPRG.  The primary highlight of the workshop was confirmation that the identified competing uses of the Park can in fact be designed to exist harmoniously together.

During the detailed design process the Forum will seek and welcome further community input and comments on individual aspects of the site design.  For example the specific siting, architectural and landscaping treatment of components such as public amenities and the proposed fitness stations are expected to undergo more detailed review.

The revised Master Plan was presented to the Berry Forum meeting on June 8, as was the background to why the redesign was needed, and the process used to develop the Master Plan. The meeting endorsed the recommendation that the Master Plan be put to Council for adoption.

>>> See the recommended Master Plan

>>> See the Background Report (this is a very large file).

Rotary Club of Berry Presentation
At the Forum meeting on 8 December 2016, Rotary presented on their concept for a > Nature Play Parkland